Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The wonderful children's author Lynn Kelley at http://lynnkelleyrandomactsofwriting.blogspot.com.au/ and historical author Mirella Patzer (who has one of the best history blogs and review sites) at http://www.historyandwomen.com/have both tagged me for the Lucky 7 Meme. It works this way:

1. You go to page 77 of your current WIP
2. You go to line 7
3. You copy down the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs and post them, as they're written.
4. Finally, you tag 7 authors, and let them know they're tagged. 

So to take part in the Lucky 7 Meme, here's my excerpt from my historical epic STIGMATA, which I'm editing right now and is due to be published by Corvus Atlantic later this year.

‘I had a friend in Outremer. He  was a southerner, from the Languedoc. A good man. Once I saw him knock some ruffian down for abusing a horse. And twice he saved my life. He was devout in his faith, went regularly to communion and would never do any man harm. But the manner of his death was beyond imagining. He took a wound to the belly in a skirmish and died a week later, still howling. He deserved a sweeter fate. Other men, they wore the cross even while they raped women and took the greatest pleasure in torturing their prisoners, yet they survived our wars in good humor and good health. I confess, I do not understanding the workings of God or the life he has put us in.’
‘Yet we are here, and we must make the best of it.’
Philip laughed. More a bark really, abashed at having spoken so plainly with his own squire. ‘Yes, you are right. We must to our duty. And yet . . .’ He traced the carving of her name on the stone. ‘Sometimes, if you take a single man or woman from the world, it is suddenly empty.’
‘She left you something to remember her by.’
‘This runt of mine took her life from me.’
‘I am sure he did not wish to be without his mother. He is as wronged as you in this grief. And what of your good wife in heaven now, pray God? Would she want you to abandon him?’
Philip sat up reluctantly, and clapped him on the shoulder. ‘How did you come to be so wise when you have only eighteen summers? You are right. Enough now. Show me my son.’

And so to the seven authors I'd like to tag, if they'd like to take part:

Alica McKenna Johnson

Deborah Krager
Stephanie Drayer
Sherry Jones
Kim Rendfeld
Roberta Trahan
Dianne Capri

Thanks Lyn and thanks Mirella!