Monday, January 16, 2012

Blogger Awards

Well really, you shouldn't have. Firstly I'd like to thank my mother and my agent and the director ....

Actually I'd just like to thank Prudence at VALKYRIE RISING and Alicia and Roy Street at for this award:

Thank you! I'm also honoured to receive the Liebster Award from Serena Dracis at BREAKING AWAY FROM ORDINARY

As part of the award, I have to share seven random facts about myself: Okay, here goes:

1. My hand writing is totally illegible. I write in block capitals and sometimes I can't even read those.
2. I ran four encierros at Pamplona. Two of them I was sober. 
3. Me and my mates once painted a friend's herd of cows pink
4. These same 'mates' once kidnapped me from the shower, tied my hands with duct tape and drove me to a pub in country Australia stark naked except for an Agran bag.They put three bourbon and cokes (and a straw - nice of them) on the bar, and left me there with two bikies playing pool.
5. I danced with a voodoo queen in a favela in Brazil
6. I suffer badly from hay fever. I got it from my Dad. He once sneezed twenty seven times in a row. I remember because I was a kid and I stood there counting. I'd only just learned to count (I was eleven) and it was great practice.
7. I once accidentally knelt on a shark.

I'd now like to give my Liebster Award to Marcy Kennedy .

And my Versatile Blogger Awards go to Susie Lindau, DebraEve at Later Bloomer, Amber West at A Day Without Sushi and Jessica O'Neal.

Head on over to their blogs and tell them they won!