Thursday, December 1, 2011


I got a lot of good responses on INGLISH SPOCKEN HERE so thank you Myndi, Nita, Debra and Lara.

Colleen liked the 'you will be unbearable' line. Diana, the lady in my life, thought it was simply stating facts! I know she doesn't mean it really.

Shawn saw this one in a hotel in Ecuador: 'Dear Mr. Passenger Foreigner, do not launder garments in the sink. You will dampen the story.' Annette pointed out though that at least they make the effort overseas - she remembered touring a US museum with her French mother-in-law and there wasn't a guidebook in any language other than English. By the way Annette's blog at carries a beautiful Rainer Maria Rilke poem about an autumn day - it's just wonderful.

Amy Shojai remembered a hotel in Kentucky which had a handful of tattered strips of cloth in the bathroom with the sign: USE THESE, NOT NEW TOWELS TO CLEAN GUNS.

(Co-incidentally I just read yesterday about a Utah duck shooter who was injured in the buttocks in a shooting accident - by his own dog! See it here:  MAN SHOT IN BUTT BY MUTT )

Now remember Rusty - don't shoot till you see the crack in their butt!

Thanks also to Sam and Lisa and Karen for your comments. Karen mentioned her 'lift is kaput' story: Karen, if I'd had to drag the bags up all those stairs I would definitely have been unbearable again. 

My post on Shakespeare threw up some interesting comments. Venom Coulter was researching for a term paper when he found the post and it inspired him to see Anonymous. He said it left him and his friend hysterical with laughter. Look, I have to admit that was my reaction also. Howard however, feels that I am uninformed, and made his case for the Oxfordians.

Diane did like my Prince Phillip idea though. So did Lisa. And Prudence made the very good point that Shakespeare must really be something because after 400 years he is still creating drama! 

"One is very fond of Shakespeare. One would just not like him living next door to one."

Prudence and Louise like the Thanksgiving piece. Karen pointed out that being thankful is something we should all try and practice as we never know when our lives will change. 

And finally, like our duckshooter friend, we come to the Bugger! moment. Debra and Prudence liked that one; Prudence remembered her bugger! moment trying to get the lawnmower started. Mirella liked it so much she posted it at her new site at (Mirella also has the History and Women site which has just been revamped with a fantastic new design:

Finally I thought you might like this: every year, the Darwin awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it. This year I'm nominating this fella for an encouragement award. He's doing his best and I'm sure, at this rate, he'll soon succeed.

Watch the video and wince!

For all those of you who wrote in and would like a Kindle (or other ereader) copy of OPIUM, just write me at colin underscore falconer underscore author at hotmail dot com. And next week I hope I can perhaps make you smile with my Christmas special.

Haveagoodweekend Mister Walker - and stay away from guns!


  1. Ok that video was crazy!!!!
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. People look down the barrel all the time. A result of the gun training I've had is that I often exit the area when people pick up a firearm, same as I'd avoid someone texting while driving 70 mph.

  3. Ow, powder burns to the forehead and eyes. Can we say, "Dumbass"?
    I can still hear my daddy, "Never look down the barrel, something just might be looking back at you."

  4. Yikes, that video made me gasp before the gun went off. Now I feel sick. What an idiot.