Friday, December 16, 2011


One of my favourite things this week was the chameleon getting his first taste of an iPhone over at Myndi Shafer's blog here at :One Stray Sock From Insanity

She has a lot of crazy and funny stuff like this. See for yourself.

Debra Kristi's blog got hijacked by monkeys. What I really liked was the monkey that cut loose with the AK-47. You can find it here:  Debra Kristi's Everything's Coming up Monkeys

I really enjoy Debra's blog; and if you're a Buffy fan you would have loved this next post. I'm not a vampire sort of person, but I loved how she wrapped this. I think there's a good writing lesson here. The thought that went behind the character dynamics in the series bears thinking about. I guess it was what made it such a successful show. 

There's seems to be something about animals this week: I came across this by accident. A visitor to a Washington animal sanctuary waved to a bear and got a real shock when the bear sat up and waved back. She didn't know the residents were mostly retired show animals. 

It's a very funny bit of video: bear waves back at tourist

Moving away from dumb animals who aren't really that dumb at all, to people who can be really very, very dumb and have no excuse. 

If you can explain to me what this girl was thinking - or not thinking - I'd appreciate it: WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?

But it is Christmas. And although I'm a sucker for Christmas carols I loved these two songs on Tamari Etherington's blog a whole lot more.

The second one's from SNL, and it's a little blue, but I laughed out loud right the way through.  Absolutely brilliant. All I Want for Christmas and Justin Timberlake
Then I stumbled upon this. It's supposedly an actual McDonald's job application from a 17-year-old. Well, whether it is or it isn't, it's very funny: McDonalds job application

I'd never come across Jillian Dodd's blog before, but this was where I found this absolute gem. She posted a video piece about a student at Utah State University asking a bunch of other students whether it's possible for boys and girls to be 'just friends'. 

They are all unanimous in their answers. Oh, except one small point of difference; the boys all say no and the girls all say yes. See for yourself: why men and women can't just be friends

And here's one to make your hackles rise. An Illinois mother encouraged her son to open a savings account. He made the mistake of letting the account fall to $4.85. That attracted $229 in banking fees. 

Another heart warming story about banks.  WHY WE ALL LOVE BANKS

And then there's this from Saudi Arabia: as an historical fiction writer I sometimes operate under the mistaken belief that mankind has progressed from the stupidity and cruelty of the Middle Ages. Articles like this remind me that we haven't. SAUDI ARABIA IS NOT A COUNTRY IT'S 600 YEARS AGO

But let's not finish on a down note. Do you have trouble getting your kids to stack the dishwasher? Here's a solution; just make sure it plays Michael Jackson when you open the door. It worked for this family!

He's got great moves. Today Fisher and Paykel, tomorrow MTV! Avagoodweekend Mister Walker!


  1. Thanks for including me. You have some great links. I can't believe the one about the bank. Ugh! The break dancing dish loader was great! Had me laughing out loud. My kid got a kick out of the waving bear.

  2. What great links you have! The dishwasher and bear cracked me up, thanks for bringing a smile to my day. And thanks for the mention in your fabulous mash up! I can't wait to get started on your book ~ it's #2 in my TBR pile (#1 is the book club book that has a deadline, darn it!).

  3. Thanks Tameri, I so loved the Justin Timberlake send up on your blog - I sent it to my partner. She said she's not interested and wants jewelery for Christmas - go figure! Hope you enjoy the book!
    And thanks Debra; my daughter's friend was obsessed with Buffy - after reading your blog about Angel and Spike I think I finally get why. PS The waving bear IS funny, isn't he?