Thursday, November 3, 2011


First the post about 21 grams: do we all have a soul?

August liked the post. She actually acted in a film about this same issue in which Hitler was born and raised  by scientists and psychologists.

She says she'll send me the link if she can. I'd love to see it and run it if you can find it!

Karen liked it too, and shortly has a post coming up about the soul. You can look out for it here

Myndi disagreed, she does believe we all have a soul - and what direction our lives take depends on the choices we make. In other words, what we give ourselves over to is what we will become. Coleen also felt that was about right.


George W. Bush

Lara came down more on my side of things on this one and she also guessed Adolf Hitler from the baby photo.(I thought it was George W. Bush!). A little like me, she feels that we are influenced by factors before we are born. Oh, and she also got herself a copy of OPIUM.

 Thank you all for your part in the discussion. Meanwhile, as it's my blog I'm giving myself the last word. So here, your Honour, in defence of my argument is Exhibit A: The Nodfather.

Austral Press

Lots of people loved the Darth Vader commercial I found on Sam Warren's blog, Julie's son also thinks he's Darth Vader, and it was Mirella's husband's nickname when he was in the police force. (Did he use a light sabre or a death ray to make them talk??) If you enjoy history you should check out Mirella's fantastic blog at

Gina was also told she wouldn't amount to anything by her teacher. There's some great ones out there - but I agree Gina, the bad ones (yours and my Mrs Boyne)can do a lot of damage.

Finally Myndi Shafer ran a post of mine WE'RE NOT HERE JUST TO RIP OFF FOOTLOCKER over at her wonderful blog at

And as a few people noticed over there, I do love story. Stories are very powerful things: and to prove my point check out this little gem.

Thank you all for your comments. Avagoodweekend Mister Walker!

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  1. That last video was great--every second I was thinking, WHAT? And then the end was priceless. Thanks for sharing Colin!

  2. Thanks for the plug for History and Women. And I loved the story on the Nodfather!

    Keep entertaining us with this fabulous blog posts!

    Have a great weekend.